Every time you open your browser, more likely than not you get hit with a deluge of the newest content from the internet.

You could say, however, a lot of this that we receive is spam on the Internet. But we try our best; we still dare to get great content and applications from somewhere online. There are software developers making awesome services, but it’s hard to find them. We want to reward these hardworking developers, but it’s hard to get to the good content. So how do you separate the bad from the good without trying it for yourself? Cassiopesa is here to help.

Cassiopesa Making Your Life Easier


Many people these days use some kind of collector to bring together a lot of content or web pages. Basically, there are lots of services available to help you find content that can be consumed online or offline. These are really great programs, but they are just the beginning of what Cassiopesa, our app, can do.

Cassiopesa is like the guide for your best applications–it is not in itself a separate content creator. It helps you organize all of your favorite aspects of the internet and puts them in the same place. Cassiopesa is always there when you need it, but it doesn’t get  in the way.

Cassiopesa Browsing


The Add-on is only just the beginning of what it means to be browsing with Cassiopesa. This tool is what really allows you to expand your current browsing capabilities.

When initiating a new session on the browser, all pre-selected favorite applications from the user will splash onto your new window browser, or a new tab. From here you can choose your next objective. When you select a link, you know the right browser will always be ready to lead your browsing experience.

This tool is very helpful in facilitating your selection of the latest news, content, and entertainment on the internet.  The best web browsers now meet the best browser extensions. This is the inevitable trend in online content consumption, and Cassiopesa is right on the verve.

As long as you continue to use the Cassiopesa tool, you too will always be on the verve of what the internet has to offer, because all the best websites are at your fingertips. You can stay up to date, and share your favorites with your friends any time you want.

User Peace of Mind

More important than all  of our browsing enhancements, more important that our added convenience, Cassiopesa puts user safety at the top of every priority list. Getting around the internet has never been more dangerous, but Cassiopesa can help put safety back into browsing. Simple navigation prevents users from being misled and misdirected into the less safe areas of the internet. We believe this is an important innovation.

Cassiopesa is the newest way to search and browse with ease, and peace of mind. Join us and experience smoother browsing and unimpeded access to the best content on the web.