What is Cassiopesa?


A new way of getting around the internet with added efficiency and safety. There is no browser extension that compares to the added benefits of Cassiopesa, whether you are a casual internet-goer or a seasoned cyber expert. Check out our About page to get a more complete description of the product and how we are here to help.

Is Cassiopesa a piece of Malware/Virus?

No, Cassiopesa is a browser add on that can greatly improve even the simplest of browsing experiences. Maintaining your Cassiopesa browser and extension is really simple, and even the smallest effort can greatly improve even simple browsing experiences. If you are not interested in keeping Cassiopesa, that’s OK! You should head over to our removal page and soon enough, your browser will be just like it was before.

How does one remove the Cassiopesa extension? Is it the same process for getting rid of the browser?


Uninstalling Cassiopesa is quite simple, just follow the instructions on our removal page and it will be gone before your know it. But keep in mind, removing the extension and changing your browser are separate processes. We wanted to give you the option of keeping one or the other. Both removal processes are relatively straightforward, and you can contact us if you have any questions regarding how to do it.

Where did the idea for Cassiopesa come from?

We the creators wanted a better way to get to and from all of our frequently visited online destinations, but it was also important that any addon didn’t interfere with normal browsing. And then we came up with the idea for Cassiopesa, and we couldn’t be happier with it.