How To Remove

Removing Cassiopesa from your computer and your browser requires two separate steps.


First you must get Cassiopesa out of the programs section in the control panel


*Note: If you don’t see Cassiopesa in the list of programs, it might already be uninstalled. If this is the case and you want to get rid of the extension, head to step two.

The first step in the process is to close out every one of your browsers.

Go to the Windows button in the bottom left of your screen to get to the main menu. Then go to ‘Control Panel’


Find the ‘Programs’ section and click “Uninstall a program”. This is also called Add/Remove Programs in Windows XP/Vista/7.


Here you’ll find Cassiopesa. Now remove the program.


Now, you will reset your browser settings to remove Cassiopesa

Take a look at the list of browsers, and follow the respective instructions.

See the browser menu in the top right side of the window? Go there and then enter “settings”


To reset your homepage, follow these instructions:

“Appearance” then “Show Home button” and click “Change”


Enter a new homepage of your choosing


2. To change your default search, follow these instructions:

In “Search” choose another search from drop-down


To delete Cassiopesa from program registry, under “On startup” click “Set pages” and delete “Cassiopesa”.


Close and open your browser

To reset your Firefox homepage, follow these instructions:
Go to Firefox menu, then “Options”


In “Homepage” choose “Restore to Default” and “OK”


To reset your default search, follow these instructions:

Begin by clicking the search box
Go to “Manage Search Engines”


“Cassiopesa” and “Remove


To reset your browser, begin by following these instructions

Go to Browser menu, then “Tools” then “Internet Options”

To reset your homepage, follow the following instructions:



In “General” , go to “Homepage” section, click “Use default” to reset to MSN


To get rid of the new tab extension, follow these instructions:

In “General” “Tabs” section “Tabs” button


Toggle options to new tab opening to a “A blank page” or “Your first home page”


To change your default search, follow these instructions

In browser menu, “Tools”, “Manage add-ons”


“Search Providers”, choose new provider and “Set As Default”


Click “Cassiopesa” and click “Remove”

  • Opera Menu
  • “Preferences” choose “Search”, “Cassiopesa” and “delete”

Browser Compatibility

Cassiopesa is in constant production. It is available for most versions of most browsers. Take a look at the chart below to see if Cassiopesa is compatible with your version.

Browser Home page Search    New tab changed to home page   
IE + + +
FF latest + + -
Chrome + + +
Opera latest - - -
Safari - - -