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⇒ Cassiopesa was built with technology at the center of the production. ⇒ We thought it was important to add all the customization features, but more than anything, this extension was made to work, and work well. ⇒ Cassiopesa is the latest way to get around the web because it connects users with the current happenings and opportunities offered around the internet. In just one place, Cassiopesa is designed to get things done.   ⇒ We created a convenient search tool that allows you to watch what’s happening effectively on  the ‘first page’ of the web, more than ever. ⇒ We built strong technology, and this technology is ultimately supposed to serve the needs of the users, whatever they may be. This is a personalized experience that is deserving of everyone’s attention.The best of the internet will find a way to make it to your Cassiopesa homepage–our job was to create a system that makes this connection easier than before. It was a tough job, but we are happy we did it, and we believe our users will be pleased with the work we have done.